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There are many activities to do on a trip to Tarawa.


Kiribati is famous for its white sandy beaches and dazzling waters. Its incredible waters make it an attractive location for those looking to scuba dive and snorkel.

Coral atolls create perfect lagoons with endless coral and millions of fish or laze on sandy beaches alongside deep lagoons. Sound enticing? Visit Tarawa and Kiribati on your next trip!


Kirimati, or Christmas Island, is the most popular spot for birdwatching in Kiribati. This coral atoll has special protected zones for nesting and breeding, and the island has eighteen different species of birds.

It’s a bird lover’s dream to take a tour to Kirimati and witness some of the majestic species of birds. Some of these species are endemic to Kiribati!


Kiribati is home to some of the best adventure fishing in the world. Whatever your style of fishing, Kiribati is the place to be and one reason many keen anglers choose Kiribati is for the chance to catch a Bonefish.

The conditions are generally excellent for fishing all year round and as a result, Bonefish and Trevally are common.


Many battles from WWII took place in Kiribati, and you can still see many noteworthy relics from the war left over today.

From planes on the shores of some atolls at low tides to leftover bunkers and defence stations, there is plenty of war history.

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