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There are many activities you can do in Nauru.


Deep sea game fishing is a popular activity for tourists. Expect to catch fish like tuna, marlin and barracuda, among other fish.

With deep seas of up to 2000 metres off the coast, there is always plenty of action at any time of the year.

Book into a half or full day tour to experience fishing in Nauru!


If you are looking for a great spot to swim or take photos, head to Anibare Bay. It is absolutely stunning, with clear turquoise waters and coral structures rising out of the water.

It is a beautiful spot for sunrise, and there are also restaurants nearby.


The scuba diving off Nauru is an unparalleled experience.

With colourful coral, a steep drop off into the deep seas and incredible fish, experienced divers should consider diving in Nauru.

April to December have the best conditions and visibility for scuba diving around Nauru.


If you are interested in history, there are many surviving relics from WWII scattered around the island. Most of the relics left over are from Japanese forces, and you can still see bunkers, trenches and weapons in some locations.

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