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Here is some helpful information if you’re planning to visit Brisbane.


Brisbane is located on the east coast of Australia, in the south-east of the state of Queensland.

It has a population of approximately 2.4 million people and is located close to the Sunshine Coast (north) and Gold Coast (south). Both the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast are desirable locations for visitors to Queensland due to their stunning beaches and national parks.

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It is a humid, sub-tropical climate, and Brisbane experiences temperatures up to the high 30s in the height of summer.

Winter is mild in Brisbane, with temperatures sometimes reaching single figures overnight, but warming up throughout the day. Winter is also the dry season, often with beautiful blue skies.

Because of its warm climate, Australians from the southern states tend to gravitate towards Brisbane in winter.


Brisbane and the rest of Australia use the Australian Dollar.

Credit cards are widely accepted in Brisbane and populated towns, but cash can also be withdrawn from ATMs and banks.

Tipping is not expected in Australia, but locals sometimes tip to recognise exceptional service.


Due to the temperatures in the summer in Brisbane, we recommend packing clothes suitable for hot weather.

A hat and sunscreen are also necessary due to the high levels of UV, even on cloudy days and in winter.

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