Nauru Airlines offers a wide selection of fare choices to suit our customers varying circumstances.

If you are intending to travel on Nauru Airlines on the same day using separate tickets that have different booking references (that is – you book separate flights and are provided with separate booking references rather than selecting a through fare and flight), you and any checked baggage will only be checked in to the first destination. You will need to disembark at the first destination, collect your bags and clear immigration, customs and quarantine formalities. Once you have completed this you will need to proceed to the check-in area and recheck-in for your next flight. You should be aware that check-in closes 60 minutes before the schedule departure time. At most of our ports, the transit time for our flights is less than 60 minutes. Nauru Airlines is not responsible for any missed connections. You should ensure there is sufficient time for you to complete your arrival and departure formalities should you choose this option.

Nauru Airlines recommends you purchase a through fare to ensure that you do not miss any connections.


In our Economy cabin we know there are clients who are looking for value for money and some degree of flexibility. The following fare types offer the passenger these options. We have indicated the level of flexibility by using a star rating with the three star fare is the most flexible.


This fare is on sale for a set period of time with specific travel dates. It is one of our cheapest fares on offer and is suitable for people who have planned their travel well ahead of departure date. Additional charges are applicable if you change your travel dates.


These fares offer some flexibility in that amendments to travel dates are permitted up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the aircraft are keenly priced. Additional charges are applicable if you change your travel dates.


This fare allows the traveller to make changes to travel dates up to three hours prior to the scheduled departure of the aircraft. There are no charges payable if you change your travel dates.


The fully flexible fare offers the highest degree of flexibility. You are able to amend travel dates, routings at any time. We offer a generous baggage allowance with this fare.


Our Business class fares offer you the benefits of the full flexibility with the comfort of business class seating, personalised service and additional baggage allowance. It is important that you read through the fares rules detailed in the Fare Rules section to ensure you are purchasing the fare that best suits your needs.