Cliff Rainbow Hotel

Cliff Rainbow has a variety of rooms to choose from. Whether traveling alone or with a large family or group.

Cliff Rainbow specializes in some of Pohnpei’s famous oceanic cuisine and comfort foods. If you’re in the mood for seafood, brunch, gourmet coffee, or pizza, Cliff Rainbow has you covered.

Although it is only a tiny dot on the map, it would take a lifetime to explore all of Pohnpei’s lush, mountains and expansive coral lagoon. Pohnpei is renowned for its deep sea tuna fishing, scuba diving, and jungle hikes to stunning waterfalls. Pohnpei is also home to the infamous and ancient ruins of Nan Madol, which is open to tourists year-round. No matter when you travel, Pohnpei offers a wide range of activities to keep you busy throughout your stay.

Cliff Rainbow has long-term relationships with service providers throughout the island. Whether you’re an avid hiker, angler, scuba diver, or you just want to stretch out on the beach, Cliff Rainbow is ready to serve. Click below to see what adventures await.

Ninsei Restaurant on the Cliff serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday-Sunday from 6:30am – 9:00pm.

ABC Rental provides quality car rental services for some of the best prices on island. Whether you want to explore the island’s jungle interior or just cruise around town

People travel from around the world to scuba dive Pohnpei’s diverse coral reefs. The lagoon surrounding Pohnpei provides an innumerable number of dive sites, including channels that are home to hundreds of Manta Rays.

Pohnrakied St, Kolonia, Pohnpei
Phone: +691 320 2414
or: +691 320 2415

Pohnpei Surf Club

The Pohnpei Surf Club has been the longest operational surf camp in all of the Western Pacific. Located a short 15-minute boat ride from Palikir, we have the most comfortable fleet of boats on the island to take you to P-Pass or whatever other waves will be working on that day.

Micronesia has some of the best waves in the world, and Pohnpei has by far the best one in Micronesia. Expect warm, crystal clear water, with perfect, powerful waves. In Pohnpei, waves break far from the beach, similar to Tahiti or Fiji, either on the barrier reef or near a reef pass. It is not possible to check the surf from shore, so the only way to get to the waves is by boat. Most of the swells that reach Pohnpei are generated by North Pacific winter storms (does not necessarily have the same swell window as Hawaii) and from typhoons in the Western Pacific. Pohnpei Surf season goes from early September thru early May. Up to four feet, the waves on Pohnpei are user-friendly. Once the surf gets larger, you enter a different level of surfing. Late take-off’s, fast down-the-line rides, and hollow barrels are what you will find.

It’s a perfect right hander. P-Pass is a short for Palikir Pass. Palikir is the name of the area in which this wave is located, a district of Pohnpei.

This is where we hope you will spend most of your trip—inside the boats—using them to get to the best dives, surf spots, fishing grounds, exploring Pohnpei waters, or just cruising around.

Outer Atolls Excursions. Ant and Pakin are located 10 and 30 miles off shore, respectively. Incredible diving, deep sea fishing, beaches, reef passes, snorkeling, and bird watching

P.O.Box 1893 Kolonia, Pohnpei FSM 96941
Ph: +691-320-7845

Mangrove Bay Hotel

Mangrove Bay Hotel invites you to experience an unforgettable Pohnpeian vacation. Located on the scenic Mangrove Bay peninsula, nestled just next to calm warm tropical waters, you couldn’t picture a more beautiful place to spend an island getaway.

You don’t have to go far to fulfill all your needs. Mangrove Bay Hotel is minutes away from downtown Kolonia which offers several restaurants, shopping and sightseeing options. Enjoy everything paradise has to offer in a quiet peaceful location.

With all new accommodations and many amenities, it is a top pick for boutique hotels on Pohnpei. Each air-conditioned unit comes with private balcony, Wi-Fi, refrigerator and a large flat screen TV.

The property features a marina complete with several boats available for fishing, diving, snorkeling, surfing or sailing charters, an island style bar boasting the best selection on Pohnpei and on-site laundry facilities — all in a serene private setting.

Admire the hundreds of banana and coconut trees in the area, stop to smell the beautiful Pohnpeian flowers, surf Palikir Pass, one of the top right-hand breaks in the world or take a hike through a tropical rain forest; the convenient location will enable you to make the most of your vacation.

Explore the mangroves, go snorkeling and see the many reef fish or explore the ancient ruins of Nan Madol. We have several kayaks available and will be happy to show you any of the dozens of interesting places to explore.

Pohnpei offers many interesting dive spots, from Manta Road, a narrow channel where a resident school of Manta Rays love to visit, filter feed to any one of Pohnpei’s 12 passes to the many walls, 50 miles of fringing reefs and islands. There are dozens of interesting places to dive here on the island. We offer dive charters and have several boats available when you are.

ou can also experience total relaxation aboard Satisfaction Plus, a well-equipped Beneteau Oceanis 440 sailing yacht. This is your opportunity to sail in the remote blue expanse of ocean surrounding the Caroline Islands

P.O.Box 1597 Kolonia, Pohnpei FSM 96941
Ph: +691-320-5454
Fax: +691-320-5284