Marshall Islands - Majuro Atoll

The Marshall Islands are a sprawling chain of volcanic islands and coral atolls in the central Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii and the Philippines. In the northwest, Bikini Atoll’s largely undisturbed waters, used as a ship graveyard after World War II, are now a popular wreck dive site. Near Majuro Atoll, which holds the islands’ capital and largest settlement, the coral reef at Kalalin Pass teems with marine life.

Hotels in Majuro

Marshall Islands Resort

The Marshall Islands Resort, formerly known as the Outrigger Marshall Islands Resort, is a locally owned and operated property in a Pacific Island paradise. We offer the best in convenience and comfort for your stay on the Majuro Atoll of the Marshall Islands. Centrally located on a beautiful tropical lagoon, the resort features complete accommodations and guest services.

Entrance | Marshall Islands Resort

Poolside | Marshall Islands Resort

Lagoon side | Marshall Islands Resort

Address:  P.O. Box 3279 Mieco Beach Front, Amata Kabua Blvd, Majuro,Marshall Islands

Phone:  +692 625-2525

Hotel Robert Reimers

The Hotel Robert Reimers is family owned and operated with a traditional Marshallese flavor. All rooms are equipped with a standard to modern amenities to ensure that our guests have the most comfortable stay when visiting the Marshall Islands.  Don’t forget to ask our front desk about the many activities you can enjoy during your stay.

The Tide Table Restaurant and Lounge located in the Hotel Robert Reimers is renowned for its breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as its bar to enjoy a few cocktails as you watch the Marshall Islands’ picturesque sunsets.

From the friendly wait staff to the delicious food that features the freshest local fish to our homemade hamburgers and favorites such as pizza, steaks, and pastas.

Robert Riemers offer a variety of rooms to suit every traveler.  Whether you drop in for an overnight stay or a week in the bungalow suites.

From fishing charters to diving and snorkeling on an atoll, Robert Reimers has you covered

T: 692.625.5232