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nauruExtraordinary Nauru is a tiny island with a big history and even bigger hospitality. Nauru is located in the deep, blue Pacific Ocean waters north of the Solomon Islands. An uplifted coral formation, Nauru is just 21 kilometres square and lies some 40 kilometres south of the Equator. One of the smallest nations on earth, with a mostly Micronesian population of around 9,000 people, Nauru offers travellers a truly unique Pacific Island visit.


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nauruHoliday makers, vacationers, business or intrepid travellers, Nauru accommodates a variety of visitors in its two hotels: the recently refurbished Menen Hotel and OD-N-Aiwo Hotel.


Offering warm island hospitality and service, Menen Hotel provides 119 rooms featuring television, video, fridge, tea and coffee making facilities and a great location.