Nauru Airlines is the national carrier of the Republic of Nauru, operating passenger and freighter services to and from the Central Pacific.

The operations of Nauru Airlines were originally undertaken by the Republic of Nauru within the government Department of Island Development and Industry. It operated under a Nauruan Air Operators Certificate and was administered from Nauru. Nauru Air Corporation was established in July 1996 as a separate Statutory Corporation wholly owned by the Republic of Nauru. The Corporation’s business is overseen by the Board of Directors appointed by the Government. The Chief Executive Officer and his Team are tasked with the responsibility of providing safe, efficient and profitable services for the People of Nauru.

We have been operating under the Australian civil aviation regulations and with an Australian Air Operators Certificate since 1996. Our pilots and engineers are trained to the Australian standards and likewise the maintenance of our aircraft is carried out by respected Australian maintenance providers. This ensures we operate to one of the highest safety standards anywhere in the World.

Nauru Air Corporation’s head office is located in Nauru and our principle place of business is Brisbane, Australia. We are foreign registered company reporting to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Nauru Airlines and its predecessors (Air Nauru and Our Airline) have been flying the Central and South Pacific for over 30 years serving the various Communities, businesses and Governments for their travel, trade and communication needs. We continue this proud tradition by serving markets that we pioneered many years ago and these form core part of our business.

In September 2006, Nauru Air Corporation operating under its trading name “Our Airline” officially launched with twice weekly flights from Brisbane to Nauru, Tarawa and Majuro. In 2008 Our Airline acquired a second B737-300 aircraft, and in October 2013 a third B737-300 aircraft, increasing its frequency of flights to three times per week to Nauru.

In August 2014, the airline acquired an all cargo B737-300 aircraft with regular all freight flights commencing to Nauru.

In August 2014 as well, the airline introduced its current trading name NAURU AIRLINES in recognition of the proud history of Nauru’s aviation achievements and the natural and primary role of the airline in servicing the people of Nauru


Nauru Airlines provides return services from Brisbane to Nauru and Tarawa and between Nauru and Nadi. In addition to its public transport services, Nauru Airlines provides Charter services – to our clients in Australia, New Zealand, Central and South Pacific and South East Asia. We have provided wetlease and ACMI charter services to various airlines in the South Pacific and continue to work with our South Pacific peers to assist each other during heavy maintenance and service disruptions.
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